Born Again


Due to centuries of human-vampire crossbreeding, it’s estimated that around 25% of the human population possess some dormant vampire DNA. This DNA can become active (awaken) when the human experiences great physical trauma, something that would normally result in death.

It’s a commonly held belief that “awakening” is caused by a person’s vampire side fighting to survive. Others believe that this transformation is the vampire side taking advantage of the ‘situation’ and taking over the formerly human body.

Those that transform (transition) from human to vampire are called Born-Again. The process usually takes 72 hrs., during which the person slips into a death like comatose state.


Born Again Vampires are all members of the same House, House Kasal. When they transition, their eyes take on a gray/silver color— placing them squarely into the Kasal House, regardless of their Vampiric lineage. Unlike the other 6 Houses, Kasal has no professional specialty or specific role in Vampire society; instead they’re known for having the largest population among Vampires, the closest ties to human society, and are the only House commonly found working within all houses.

Jesus Christ -The most notable Born Again Vampire is Jesus H. Christ

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Born Again

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