What is a Darkstalker?
That’s a tricky question. Darkstalkers fit a myriad of roles and take on a variety of cases. Darkstalkers are non-human detectives and private investigators, but it’s not unheard of for them to be hired for private security, bounty hunting, hostage negotiations, or anything involving the Undercity. Many jobs involve delving into the deepest, darkest parts of the Undercity, where the laws and sunlight of the human world never reach.

What connection do they have with local police/law enforcement, if any?
As far as the law is concerned, Darkstalkers are freelance contractors licensed through the city or local government. They don’t report to or receive any salary from public, municipal, or federal funds, but can be hired by local law enforcement to deal with nastier denizens of the Undercity.

Darkstalkers must register and obtain a special Private Investigator license to legally operate in the state of Illinois. In Chicago, Darkstalkers fall under the jurisdiction of a Special Investigations Unit that oversees all non-human related crimes and activity.

Captain Colin Murphy is the head of the unit and directly responsible for approximately 500 separate darkstalker agencies. He has a reputation for being fair and pro-NHC, but won’t hesitate to pull an agency’s license and arrest any Darkstalker that breaks the law or steps out of line.

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