Defends the Earth

Witches see themselves as the Earth’s antibodies, protecting the planet against extraterrestrial threats. Your ability to manipulate the elements are a gift from Gaia herself and you’ve been trained to use those gifts in her defense at all costs.

Those abilities are also quite useful in your Darkstalker work. The streets can be dangerous at night— not to mention the many things lurking in the depths of the Undercity— so you’re sure Gaia is cool with you flushing a creepy sewer now and then or tossing a fireball down the occasional dark alley. As long as the world is safe at the end of the day, who cares right?

Additional Equipment: A leather wristband, wrist cuff, or bracer bearing the Witch’s Mark. It was awarded to you at the completion of your Warden training and identifies you as a Warden to other witches.

Tier 1:

Warden Magic: When you choose this Foci you also choose a Season (Winter: Water and Air or Summer: Fire and Earth) and become a Warden of your chosen season. Your Hedge Magic can only manipulate elements in your chosen season. You can now create Fire and Water. It can also be used to increase or decrease the difficulty of tasks and/or movement of creatures in the effected area for one round. Acton to initiate.

Battle Magic (2 intellect): You are Practiced in elemental attacks. You attack a single target within short distance with your chosen courts element(s) dealing damage as a medium weapon. Action.

Tier 2:


Quick as the Wind: You gain +3 to your Speed Pool and +1 to your Speed Edge. Enabler.

Hard as Stone: You gain +3 to your Might Pool and +1 to your Might Edge. Enabler.

Rough Patch (3+ Intellect): You create movement hazards; you specify a 10 square foot area within short range that you can see (including under/on water and in mid-air). Creatures that start their turn or move through the effected area suffer 1⁄2 movement, -1 difficulty to movement, and take 2 damage ( from freezing mist, fire balls, lava spikes, Ice patch, etc.). Each level of Effort you apply expands the area of effect by 5 feet. For example, applying two levels of Effort effects 20 square foot area. Action.

Tier 3:

Improved battle magic: You are Trained in elemental attacks. Enabler.

Barrier (3+ Intellect points): You create a stationary elemental barrier within immediate range. The barrier is 10 feet by 10 feet and of negligible thickness. It is a level 2 barrier. It can be placed anywhere it fits, whether against a solid object (including the ground) or floating in the air. Each level of Effort you apply strengthens the barrier by one level. For example, applying two levels of Effort creates a level 4 barrier. Enabler

Tier 4:


Waters of Life (4 Intellect points): You control water, the very essence of life. You touch yourself or another living being and drain them of 4 Strength, 4 Speed, or 2 of each and then transfer these points to either yourself or another person (touch required). Action.

Totem Beast Companion (4+ Intellect points): You summon an elemental creature of of fire and earth in a space you can see within immediate range. The creature takes the form of a natural animal of your size or smaller; it accompanies you and follows your instructions.
The Totem Beast counts as a level 3 NPC with Health 9. Each level of Effort you apply raises the Totem Beast level 1, when summoned. Enabler.
You and the GM must work out the details of your creature, and you’ll probably make rolls for it in combat or when it takes actions. The Totem Beast companion acts on your turn.

Tier 5:

Flight (4+ Intellect points): You control the Mana in the air around you to float and fly through the air for one hour. For each level of Effort applied, you can affect one additional creature of your size or smaller. You must touch the creature to bestow the power of flight. You direct the other creature’s movement, and while flying, it must remain within sight of you or fall. In terms of overland movement, a flying creature moves about 20 miles (32 km) per hour and is not affected by terrain. Action to initiate.

Earth Armor (4 Might and/or Intellect points): You may shape earth in order to create a protective armor around yourself. You gain a +3 to Armor that does not have a Might point cost or a Speed pool reduction. However, you must be unarmored in order to use this ability. This armor lasts for up to 10 minutes. 

Tier 6:

Control Weather (10 Intellect points): You change the weather in your general region. If performed indoors, this creates minor effects such as mist, mild temperature changes, etc. If performed outside, you can create rain, fog, snow, wind, or any other kind of normal (not overly severe) weather. The change lasts for a natural length of time, so a storm might last for an hour, fog for two or three hours, and snow for a few hours (or for ten minutes if it’s out of season). For the first ten minutes after activating this ability, you can create more dramatic and specific effects such as lightning strikes, giant hailstones, twisters, hurricane-force winds, and so on. These effects must occur within 1,000 feet (305 m) of your location. You must spend your turn concentrating to create an effect or to maintain it in a new round. These effects inflict 6 points of damage each round. Action.


Earthquake (10 Intellect points): You trigger an earthquake centered on a spot you can see within 1,000 feet (305 m).
The ground within 250 feet (76 m) of that spot heaves and shakes for five minutes, causing widespread damage to structures and terrain in the area. Buildings made of wood, stone, or brick collapse; walls topple; cliffs crumble; ceilings cave in; some areas of ground rise up; and other areas sink. Creatures inside collapsed buildings or beneath a crumbling cliffs or falling wall are subject to a crush (3 points of damage) or a huge crush (6 points of damage) and may have to dig themselves free, as the GM decides. Furthermore, the force of the quake is sufficient to knock creatures to the ground and prevent them from standing until the shaking stops. Action to initiate.

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Defends the Earth

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