Hunts with the Pack

wolfhunt.png Most werewolves prefer to battle in their wolf form, as those who hunt with the pack undergo training and specialize in doing battle with fang and fur. These are usually Betas but its not unheard of for Alphas and Omegas to follow this path to better protect themselves and the pack.

Additional Equipment: Special tear away clothing, making shifting easier. It takes an Action to put on or remove the garments. It contains numerous pockets for your smaller possessions and folds up neatly for easy storage.

Minor Effect Suggestion: The Target is so intimidated by your bestial attack that it is dazed for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment.

Major Effect Suggestion: Your attack permanently scares them. If your foe survives, he/she is forever marked as an enemy to your kind. The GM decides what happens from there.

1st Tier

Improved Wolf Form: As a “child of the moon” you have the ability to shift from wolf to humanoid and humanoid to wolf at will. Shifting forms takes a Free Action. You drop any items you’re holding and any clothing you’re wearing restricts your movement. You have disadvantage to Speed till you “ditch the threads”. This replaces the standard Wolf form ability.

  • In wolf form, you gain +8 to your Might Pool, +1 to your Might Edge, +2 to your Speed Pool, and +1 to your Speed Edge. Enabler.
  • While in wolf form, you can’t use weapons. You have a bite attack with which you are practiced that deals damage as a heavy weapon.
  • In wolf form when damaged, you regain 1 point each round, except for damage inflicted by a silver weapon. Action.

2nd Tier

Pack Tactics: When battling the same opponent, attacks become easier for your allies. Attack rolls made by allies against opponents in immediate range of you have difficulty lowered 1 step. Enabler.

Fur Coat: Your wolf pelt has become tougher from years of battle. In wolf form you gain +1 to armor and training in Speed Defense.

3rd Tier

Greater wolf form: Your wolf form gains the following additional bonuses: +1 to your Might Edge, +2 to your Speed Pool, +1 to your Speed Edge.

Improved Wolf Bite: You are trained in Bite attacks. Enabler.

4th Tier

Reaction: If a creature you attacked on your last turn with your bite attack uses its action to move out of immediate range, you gain an action to attack the creature as a parting blow, even if you have already taken a turn in the round. Enabler.

Long Tooth: You gain an extra recovery when in wolf form— but you can only use this once a day.

5th Tier

Successive Attack: If you take down a foe, you can immediately make another attack on that same turn against 
a new foe within your reach. The second attack is part of the same action. You can use this ability with melee attacks and ranged attacks. Enabler.

6th Tier

Enhanced Wolf Form: Your wolf form gains the following additional bonuses: +3 to your Might Pool, +2 to your Speed Pool.

Defense Master. Every time you succeed at a Speed defense task, you can make an immediate attack against your foe. Your attack must be the same type (melee weapon, ranged weapon, or unarmed) as the attack you defend against. If you don’t have an appropriate type of weapon ready, you can’t use this ability. Enabler.

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Hunts with the Pack

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