Masters Potions


Potion making is a powerful and passive form of Witch magic and requires talent and training. Those who call themselves Potion Masters have trained for years to understand the intricacies of mixing herbs and mundane ingredients to achieve magical properties. Ingredients vary depending on the potion’s purpose, with one exception: witch’s blood. Every mixture starts with at least one drop of the potion maker’s blood.

Additional Equipment: Apothecary’s Kit

Minor Effect Suggestion: You made a strong enough potion that you can separate it into two doses.

Major Effect Suggestion: You manage to do more with less and recover half the potion points spent (rounded down).

Tier 1:

Potion Pool: Your character gains a Potion Pool, which starts with 10 points. This pool represents your ability to carry the appropriate ingredients and use them for various Mixtures. Because this pool is separate from the main pools, it has no effort, edge, does not impact your damage track and cannot be regained using recovery rolls. You can spend your Potion pool on Mixtures; these are recipes that you have learned to quickly concoct with your on-hand supplies. Mixtures are commonly enablers, augmenting abilities such as pierce or recovery. However, Mixtures could be used as an action of their own.

Once a Witch runs out of Potion Points, they must restock their supplies. A Potion Master can restore their Potion Pool through foraging or shopping. If foraging, the Witch will need to roll a Survival skill; this process takes 2 hours and the resulting Difficulty Level (DL) is how many points or components that are recovered. If a Potion Master is shopping, they will make a barter roll instead of foraging; this process takes 1 hour and costs 15 dollars. Unlike foraging, the number of points recovered is double the resulting DL. A Potion Master can also spend 10 dollars to gain an asset during her barter roll.
School of Practice: You are trained in alchemy. In addition, pick one other skill to be trained in; biology or chemistry.
Mixture – Heal (1 Potion point): The user regains 1 point of Might for 3 rounds.
Mixture- Damage (1 Potion point): The victim takes 1 points of poison damage for 3 rounds.
Mixture – Loose Lips (1 Potion point): Your victim is considered one level lower when engaged in social interactions, this effect lasts 10 minutes.

Tier 2:

Mixture-Slow (2 Potion points): For 5 minutes, your victim’s movement is treated as if they were moving through difficult terrain.
Mixture- Focused (2 Potion points): For 5 minutes, the user has an asset for all skill checks related to perception.
Mixture-Amnesia (3 Potion points): The victim loses up to the last five minutes of their memory.
Mixture-Impair (3 Poison points): Your victim is impaired (see Core Rulebook pg 89) and this effect lasts until victim is healed.

Tier 3:

Trained Alchemist: Your potion pool increases to 15 points.

Mixture-Sleep (3 Potion points): Your victim falls asleep for 10 minutes. If used in combat, the victim needs two doses for the poison to take effect; the first dose will only impair the target.
Mixture-Blindness (5 Potion points): Victim is blinded for 3 rounds.
Mixture-Darkvision (5 Potion points): Your Potion adjust
s a creature’s eyesight so that it can see normally in areas of dim light and darkness for 10 minutes.

Tier 4

Master Poisoner: Your poison pool increases to 20 points.

Master Apothecary: You are specialized in both alchemy and your chosen school of practice (biology or chemistry).

Mixture-Paralysis (6 Potion points): Your victim is paralyzed for 2 rounds.
Mixture-Steroid (6 Potion points): The Potion gives the user a higher level of mental and physical reaction time for about a minute. During that period, 
the difficulty of all Speed tasks (including Speed defense rolls) is reduced by one step. In addition, the target can take one extra action at any time before the ability’s duration expires.
Mixture-Restoration (6 Potion points): Your potion restores points to a target’s Might Pool or Speed Pool in one of two ways: either the chosen Pool regains up to 6 points or it 
is restored to a total value of 12. You make this decision when you initiate this ability. Points are restored at a rate of 1 point each round. You must maintain contact with the target the whole time. This ability cannot be used to raise a Pool higher than its normal maximum.

Tier 5:

Convert Potion: Your mastery of alchemy enables you to brew potions or convert mixtures into different consumable forms.
Vapor: Potions in Vapor form affect all targets in an immediate area.
Cream: Potions in Cream form affect a user longer, due to its topical application. Once crafted, cream last for 1d6 hours.

Tier 6

Best Practices: Your poison pool increases to 25 points.

Mixture-Slay (8 Potion points): If this potion is used against an NPC lower than level 4, he dies.
Mixture-Retrieve Memories (8 Potion points): You use the remains of a recently killed creature and make an Intellect-based roll to restore its mind to life long enough to learn information from it. The GM sets the difficulty based on the amount of time that has passed since the creature died. The difficulty of the task depends on how long the creature has been dead: a few minutes results in a difficulty 2 task, an hour means it is a difficulty 4 task, and a few days results in a difficulty 9 task. If you succeed, you awaken the corpse, causing its head to animate and perceive things as if it were alive. This enables communication for about one minute, which is how long it takes for the creature to realize that it’s dead. The creature’s knowledge is limited to what it knew in life, though it only applies to events of importance and not minor memories. When the effect ends, or if you fail the roll, the creature’s brain dissolves to mush and cannot be awakened again.

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Masters Potions

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