Time Line

1955: Current year

1950: NHC Private Detective Agencies “Darkstalkers” increased in response to NHWA.

1949: The (something other than Vadican) is establish, as an international organization tasked with fighting demonic threats.

1947: Congress passes The Non-Human Worker Act (NHWA), barring Non-Humans from public service employment.

1945: Nuclear weapons are utilized by both Allied Forces and Axis Powers, causing massive tears in The Veil and releasing of thousands of Demons on to Earth. Faced with an until then unknown threat, both sides called a ceasefire which quickly lead to the end of WWII.

1939: Hitler’s forces invade numerous European Nations, imprisoning Vampires and Humans suspected of carrying Vampire genes and leading to the start of the Second World War.

1933: A popular Werewolf political party rises to power in Germany. Their leader is a charismatic Wolf named Adolf Hitler, who runs on the platform “Make Germany Great Again” following the wake of destruction left by the House War aka the first World War.

1918: The First World War concludes with Kabria House tasked with keeping the other great Houses in line.

1914: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of House Jashae is assassinated, leading to a war between Houses that spread across national and racial lines. This would later be known as the first World War.

1793: Along with most of the Alphas in Paris, Marie Antoinette is overthrown and executed by Betas during the French revolution.

  • :* Human chattel slavery is introduced and permitted in the new world for vampires, in exchange for their aid in fighting the indigenes human and wolf population, allowing for the colonization of the Americas.
  • :* European explorers “discover” the Americas and are met with new NHC and human civilizations.
  • :*Jesus Christ ‘transitions’, becoming the first documented Born Again vampire dividing the Church he worked so hard to establish.

3150 BC: Vampires rule over humans in what is now Northern Africa and the Middle East, until conflicts with human empires and slave revolts lead to a destabilization in the area.

  • :* Humans exodus from Africa into Europe and Asia, and eventually into North and South America via the Bering Strait. They encounter many dangers along the way including demons and Fae. Many tribes began traveling and forming relationships with wolves in the new world, leading to the strongest collection of packs eventually settling the entire northern part of the Americas. Vampires followed humans to the new world, content living on the outskirts of society eventually regaining dominance and power in what is now central and south America.

Time Line

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