The Bound


Humans that willingly enter into a Pact with inhabitants of the Void, typically Kreeps.

Physical Appearance
Beings retain humanoid appearance after becoming a Warlock.
Warlocks eyes become black voids when accessing powers/abilities granted by their demon Pact

The Pact
A Pact is a conscious and willing agreement to bond with demon resulting in a symbiotic relationship.
The demon gains shelter and protection in exchange for granting power and/or knowledge to the host.

not possessed

The difference between being possessed and being a Warlock is consent and symbiosis
When possessed by a demon the person’s body is “Taken” by the demon. They have no control.
When a “Pact” is formed with a demon the person retains some or all control of their body and the demon’s power.
Another notable difference is possessed or “taken” can be cured through a ritual, while Warlocks “pact” is forever.
Warlocks are the result of a “Pact” with a specific demonic species

dark reflection

communication between host and demon manifest via visual & auditory hallucinations in the form of a independent reflections


A Warlock’s primary power/ability is Energy Construct Creation, also known as “crafting”. Energy Construct Creation is the ability to create and manipulate various energies in a manner that creates matter from virtually nothing.

Their secondary power/ability is Energy Manipulation, allowing them to animate and control inanimate objects (including the dead, See Ghouls) and Tactile persuasion (the ability to persuade others to do one’s bidding while making skin to skin contact)


Their third and most common power/ability is Energy projection in the form of Energy bolts/blast/rays.

Warlocks retain the ability to digest food from their pre-altered state. Warlocks must syphon energy from the living to heal or recharge abilities.

The exact population is unknown
Warlocks can be found where ever humans are found. Usually preferring more urban areas over rural.
Unlike other races Warlocks rarely interact with each other, resulting in a lack of community. when they do share a territory, they are quick to establish a hierarchy, with the most powerful warlock holding the title of High Warlock.

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