Wore a Badge

You used to walk a beat or arrest human criminals— but that was before the world changed and you were forced out for being a NHC. Despite this betrayal, you still love the law, protecting your city, and the people in it, so you decided to trade in your Police Badge for a Darkstalker certification. Now you use your natural non-human talents to protect and serve in a new way.

Additional Equipment: Book of clipping from previous cases and photos from the “good ol’ days.”

Minor Effect Suggestion: The target is confused, causing it to stumble and drop whatever it’s holding.

Major Effect Suggestion: You get the drop on the target using a paramilitary move you picked up in your previous career.

Tier 1:

Academy Grad: You gain Practice with all weapons as a result of your training on the force.

Knowledge of the Law: You’re trained in the law of the land. If you don’t know the answer to a question, you know where and how to research it. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Protector. You designate a single character to be your charge. You can change this freely every round but you can have only one charge at a time; as long as that charge is within immediate range, he gains an asset for Speed defense tasks because you have his back. Enabler.

Wound Tender: You are trained in healing.

Tier 3:

Street Talk: You have a former Confidential Informant (CI) that you can tap for information. You make persuasive or intimidation rolls against a difficulty set by the GM to obtain the desired information. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Former Partner: You’ve got a friend (or friends) still on the job that can help you out. You gain a level 2 Human NPC that supplies you with tools, weapons, and/or files/information. You don’t want them to get into trouble or lose their job, so you meet in secret. Some items and information may require GM set checks to obtain. Enabler

Tier 5:

Knock Out (5 Might points). You make a melee attack that inflicts no damage. Instead, if the attack hits, make a second Might-based roll. If successful, a foe of level 3 or lower is knocked unconscious for one minute. For each level of Effort used, you can affect one higher level of
foe or the duration for an additional minute. Action.

True Healer. You are specialized in healing.

Tier 6:

Epic Fighter. Choose one type of attack in which you are already trained: light bashing, light bladed, medium bashing, medium bladed, heavy bashing, or heavy bladed. You are specialized in attacks using that type of weapon. Enabler.

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Wore a Badge

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