Church of ALLSaints


The ALLSaints religion is a bit of a misnomer, as it is an offshoot of Christianity. The faith originated after Christ’s transition into a vampire; prior to his transition, Christ was able to unite a majority of the known world’s humans and NHCs under one religion with the premise that all the various gods and deities of western society were, in fact, different sides or forms of the same god.

After Christ’s death and subsequent “resurrection,” most of his human and wolf followers— worried about shifting priorities and disgusted with what they perceived to be “corruption” of their beloved spiritual leader, or believing the transition was part of a grander plot to enslave non-vampires— left the church. Wolves that left would later form what is now known as the Morman faith while the seceding humans would go on to form the ALLSaints religion, the dominant human religion with temples and worshippers found around the world.

At it’s core, ALLSaints is the same religion as Christianity and shares many of the same practices, teachings, and rules— though the main difference between the two is the focus on humans over NHC. Where the faith was originally formed with the premise all gods being one, ALLSaints was formed with the ‘gods’ being reimagined and renamed as human saints. The colloquial expression “Thank the Saints” refers to the Saints that are worshipped and praised.

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Church of ALLSaints

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