Fifth Tier: Darkstalker

Choose two of the abilities described below (or from a lower tier) to add to your repertoire. In addition, you can replace one of your lower-tier abilities with a different one from a lower tier.

Arc Spray (3 Speed points): If a weapon has the ability to re rapid shots without reloading (usually called a rapid- re weapon, such as the submachine gun), you can re your weapon at up to three targets (all next to one another) at once. Make a separate attack roll against each target. The difficulty of each attack is increased by one step. Action.

Divide Your Mind (7 Intellect points): You split your consciousness into two parts. For one minute, you can take two actions on each of your turns, but only one of them can be to use a special ability. Action

Greater Skill With Attacks: Choose one type of attack, even one in which you are already trained: light bashing, light bladed, light ranged, medium bashing, medium bladed, medium ranged, heavy bashing, heavy bladed, or heavy ranged. You are trained in attacks using that type of weapon. If you’re already trained in that type of attack, you instead are specialized in that type of attack. Enabler.

Improved Success: When you roll a 17 or higher on an attack roll that deals damage, you deal 1 additional point of damage. For instance, if you roll a natural 18, which normally deals 2 extra points of damage, you deal 3 extra points instead. If you roll a natural 20 and choose to deal damage instead of achieve a special major effect, you deal 5 extra points of damage. Enabler.

Jump Attack (5 Might points): You attempt a difficulty 4 Might action to jump high into the air as part of your melee attack. If you succeed, your attack inflicts 3 additional points of damage and knocks the foe down. If you fail, you still make your normal attack roll, but you don’t inflict the extra damage or knock down the opponent if you hit. Action.

Mastery With Armor: The cost reduction from your Practiced in Armor ability improves. When you wear any armor, you reduce the armor’s Speed cost to 0. If you select this ability and you already have the Experienced With Armor ability, replace Experienced With Armor with a different third-tier ability because Mastery With Armor is better. Enabler.

Mastery With Defense: Choose one
type of defense task in which you are trained: Might, Speed, or Intellect. You are specialized in defense tasks of that type. You can select this ability up to three times. Each time you select it, you must choose a different type of defense task. Enabler.
Parry (5 Speed points): You can deflect incoming attacks quickly. For the next ten rounds, the difficulty of all Speed defense rolls is reduced by one step. Enabler.

Take Command (3 Intellect points): You issue a specific command to another character. If that character chooses to listen, the difficulty of any attack he attempts
is reduced by one step, and a hit deals 3 additional points of damage. If your command is to perform a task other than an attack, the difficulty of the task is reduced by two steps. Action.

Vigilant (5 Might points): When you would normally be dazed or stunned, you are not dazed or stunned. Enabler.

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Fifth Tier: Darkstalker

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