A sub-species of Warlocks. Grimlocks are living beings exposed to high levels of Void energy or infused with Warlock energy can become a Grimlock. Many Grimlocks live in service to the Warlock that created them.

At first they bare no obvious physical markers to indicate transformation into a Grimlock from their natural state. Over time the void infection starts to show as the grimlock takes on a ghoulish and undead appearances, including pale/sunken in skin, black gums, and hair and nail lose.

Grimlocks don’t normally posses special powers, rather they are able to access 100% of their physical potential. Void energy allows them to ignore natural inhibiters that limit natural power to protect the body (think mother lifting car off baby, or a addict on PCP punching through a wall). Warlock infused Grimlocks tend to posses enhance strength, speed, and endurance.

Ignoring natural inhibitors can lead to sever damage, Grimlocks heal damage by consuming the flesh of living creatures. The amount of flesh required to heal is equal to the amount damaged. Basically, Grimlocks are Ghouls that happen to be alive before being infused/exposed to Warlock/Void energy. The main difference being Grimlocks have more freewill, while Ghouls tend to be mindless undead slaves.

retain the ability to digest food from their pre-altered state, To heal Grimlocks must feed on the flesh of the living.

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