You focus on subtlety, guile, and stealth. Your body has been trained to make you the perfect infiltrator. You use a wide variety of disguises and tools to perform your duties, but your greatest tools are your own skills and training.

Infiltrators are spies, agents, thieves, assassins, or information gatherers. They often wear slick bodysuits and face-concealing masks when not wearing a disguise.

Minor Effect Suggestion: Your opponent is so startled by your moves that it is dazed, during which time the di culty of all tasks it performs is increased by one step.

Major Effect Suggestion: All opponents within short range are so startled by your moves that they are dazed, during which time the di culty of all tasks they perform is increased by one step.

Tier 1:

Stealth. You are lithe and quiet. You know how to alter your position, your stance, and your clothing to best suit your surroundings. All this combines to give you an asset for stealth-related tasks. Enabler.

Sense Attitudes: You are trained in sensing lies and whether a person is likely to (or already does) believe your lies.

Tier 2:

Impersonation. You can subtly change your features and alter your voice dramatically. This is an asset for any attempts at disguising your identity. Enabler.

Flight Not Fight. If you use your action only to move, the difficulty of all Speed defense tasks is reduced by one step. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Awareness (3 Intellect points). You become hyperaware of your surroundings. For ten minutes, you are aware of all living things within long range, and by concentrating (an action) you can learn the general emotional state of any one of them.

Tier 4:

Invisibility (4 Intellect points). Thanks to tiny magical or technological devices secreted about your person, you become invisible for ten minutes. While invisible, you are specialized in stealth and Speed defense tasks. This effect ends if you do something to reveal your presence or position—attacking, using an ability, moving a large object, and so on. If this occurs, you can regain the remaining invisibility effect by taking an action to focus on hiding your position. Action to initiate or reinitiate.

Tier 5:

Evasion. You can’t be good at getting in if you don’t survive getting out. You are trained in all defense tasks.

Tier 6:

Control. You use trickery, well-spoken lies, and mind-affecting chemicals (or other means, like magic or high technology) to make others temporarily do what you want them to do. You control the actions of another creature you touch. This effect lasts for one minute. The target must be level 3 or lower. You can allow it to act freely or override its control on a case-by-case basis as long as you can see it. Instead of applying Effort to decrease the difficulty, you can apply Effort to increase the maximum level of the target. Thus, to control the mind of a level 6 target (three levels above the normal limit), you must apply three levels of Effort. When the duration ends, the creature doesn’t remember being controlled or anything it did while under your in uence. Action to initiate.

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