Used to be Human

So you’ve died— now the fun begins…


Welcome to your new life. You’re what’s known as a Born Again Vampire.

Due to centuries of human-vampire cross breeding it is estimated that 25% of the human population possess some dormant vampire DNA. This DNA can become active (awaken) when the human is subject to great trauma, usually something that would result in death.

That’s what happened to you. Was it an unfortunate accident? A plot against your life? A suicide gone wrong? Regardless of what caused it, you have a new life, new abilities, and a new hunger.

Additional Equipment: You carry a token (jewelry, heirloom, photo) from your life before you became a Vampire, typically a small pocket sized item meant to connect you to the life you’ve lost.
Minor Effect Suggestion: You draw on your experiences and reduce the difficulty of your next action by one step.
Major Effect Suggestion: You get a free, no-action recovery roll.

Tier 1:

Life Lessons. Choose any two noncombat skills. You are trained in those skills. Enabler.

Not Quite Human: Your NHC status makes you unlikeable. The difficulty of any task involving deception or persuasion is increased by one step when interacting with Humans. Enabler

House Status: Following your transition you were approached by a House Kasal representative, to invite you to your new “family”. All Born Agains belong to Kasal house. Your House’s lack of a specialty in Vampire Society grants you greater mobility among the other houses. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Totally Chill. Your ten-minute recovery roll takes you only one round. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Taking Care of Yourself. Choose one type of attack in which you are not already trained: light bashing, light bladed, light ranged, medium bashing, medium bladed, medium ranged, heavy bashing, heavy bladed, or heavy ranged. You are trained in attacks using that type of weapon. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Life Lessons. Choose any two noncombat skills. You are trained in those skills. Enabler.

The Best Offense. You are trained in Might defense, Speed defense, or Intellect defense (your choice). If you are already trained in that type of defense, you are specialized. Enabler.

Tier 5:

Abiding. Either you keep fit (giving you 5 points to divide between your Might Pool and your Speed Pool however you wish) or you have street smarts (giving you 5 points to add to your Intellect Pool)—your choice. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Drawing on Life’s Experiences: (6 Intellect points). You’ve seen a lot and done a lot, and that experience comes in handy. Ask the GM one question and you’ll receive a general answer. The GM assigns a level to the question so a more obscure answer makes the task more difficult. Generally, knowledge that you could find by looking somewhere other than your current location is level 1 while obscure knowledge of the past is level 7. Action.

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Used to be Human

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