Vampires as playable characters.


Physical Appearance
Vampires are humanoids that evolved from an invasive, serpent-like demon species; as such, modern vampires retain some serpentine traits. Overall, vampires have a mostly humanoid appearance with certain snakelike attributes, such as slit pupils and retractable fangs.

Vampire Venom attacks the nervous system causing numbing and paralysis. The Venom can be synthesized into a powerful narcotic and the drug is illegal in most countries due to its many negative physical and mental effects.

Vampires age at a rate parallel to humans until they reach their early to mid twenties, at which point their aging begins to slow exponentially, resulting in an average life expectancy of 230 years.

Vampires possess a host of abilities and powers that set them apart from humans, the most common of which include their above average speed, flexibility, stealthiness, and intelligence. Visual persuasion/hypnosis caused by eye contact is an ability shared by many Pure-bloods, but never among Born Again vampires. This skill is often referred to as Glamouring and is used by some of the deadliest vampires to gather and sustain power both in the human and NHC world.

Healing Factor
Vampires have a diet-dependent healing factor. A vampire’s ability to heal minor and major injuries directly correlates with their feeding habits; vampires who feed regularly have been known to recover more quickly from major injuries and even regenerate lost limbs. That said, decapitation or total destruction of the heart will lead to immediate death.

Night Vision
All vampires have the ability to see in darkness as if it were bright light.

Being nocturnal by nature and descending from extra-dimensional creatures has resulted in vampires sharing an extreme sensitivity to Ultra Violet radiation. Though direct sunlight isn’t usually dangerous and typically results only in minor muscle fatigue, prolonged exposure can lead to “Sun Poisoning”, a condition comparable to radiation poisoning in humans. Effects of Sun Poisoning are nausea and vomiting, spontaneous bleeding, bloody diarrhea, sloughing of skin, hair loss, severe fatigue, and mouth ulcers. Sun Poisoning can be cured by feeding on large amounts of human blood and resting or sleeping in total darkness. leading many historians to theorize a connection between the popularity of pyramids in Vampire ruled civilizations located in hot and sunny climates.

Vampires are incapable of digesting “human food”, their bodies do not assimilate the nutrients of food if it has been cooked. Their main diet consist of raw animal meat and blood. Human blood offers the most nutrients, but they can survive on the blood and flesh of animals such as pigs and cows. For unknown reasons, werewolf blood is typically toxic to vampires if ingested.

Vampire culture is largely connected to bloodlines and houses. A Vampire’s House is indicated by their eye color, which links that vampire to a specific trade, speciality, craft, or role within their society; this is true of all the Houses except for House Kasal, which has no speciality within vampire society and consists entirely of Born Again vampires. For example those with green eyes belong to House Hasad, the House at the center of the Hound breeding and selling trade.

Sex & Reproduction
Vampire reproduction is similar to humans, with both male and female chromosomes being required for egg fertilization. With their long lives, vampires feel less inclined to breed and produce offspring, especially when compared to other races. Culturally, the time and effort necessary to raise offspring is traditionally seen as inconvenient; despite the extended length of a vampire’s lifespan, most vampires choose not to reproduce more than 3-4 times and rarely in succession, meaning age discrepancies between siblings span decades. As a result of this aversion to child-rearing, crossbreeding with humans is encouraged and favored; vampire genes are recessive so children born of these mixed-race unions may be born pureblood vampire or human, though even those born human may see an emergence of vampirical traits later on in life.

Born Again
Due to centuries of human-vampire crossbreeding, it is estimated that around 25% of the human population possess some dormant vampire DNA. This DNA can become active (awaken) when the human experiences great physical trauma or a near-death experience. Those that transform (transition) from human to vampire are called Born Again. The process usually takes 72 hours, during which the person slips into a death-like comatose state. All Born Again vampires are members of House Kasal regardless of their vampire lineage.

Love and Sexuality
All vampires identify as pan-sexual. Originally thought to have a cultural cause or connection, this theory was abandoned following several studies discovered many Born-again vampires developing pan-sexual identities following their transitions.

In vampire culture, pyramids symbolize power and control, appearing in every vampire controlled society and civilization throughout history. Large structures serve the primary function of displaying power and dominance while their secondary purposes is dependent on climate and environment. Pyramids in desert environments (like Egypt) offered relief from Sun Poisoning for vampire pharaohs and overlords while pyramids in the jungles of Peru were used for mass feedings and ritual human sacrifice.

Notable or famous Vampires
Jesus Christ
House Leaders
Gorgon Sisters

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