Works the System

You’ve knocked around a lot and run afoul of the law a few times, but you’ve evaded authorities on a variety of fronts more often than not. That’s because you are adept at noticing flaws and exploits in systems, whether those systems are civil laws, investment regulations, computer codes, games of all sorts, or similar artificial constructions. Once you notice and fully comprehend a system, you can manipulate it to your own ends.

You are a manipulator, but you likely keep a term like that to yourself. Tell people you’re an entrepreneur—that always sounds good.

Additional Equipment: A Serv-0. with Serv-0 Plus: You didn’t settle for the basic Serv-0, no you got the upgraded model. Any time you use a device outside of combat and the Serv-0 is next to you, it serves as an asset. This benefit doesn’t include repairing, modifying, or building devices, only using them. Enabler.

Minor Effect Suggestion: You learn something completely unexpected but useful.

Major Effect Suggestion: You can immediately take a second action during this turn.

Tier 1:

Hack the Impossible (3 Intellect points). You can persuade automatons, machines, and computers to do your bidding. You can discover an encrypted password, break through security on a website, brie y turn o a machine such as a surveillance camera, or disable a robot with a moment’s worth of ddling. Action.

Computer Programming. You are trained in using (and exploiting) computer software, you know one or more computer languages well enough to write basic programs, and you are uent in Internet protocol. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Connected. You know people who get things done—not just respected people in positions of authority, but also a variety of online hackers and regular street criminals. These people are not necessarily your friends and might not be trustworthy, but they owe you a favor. You and the GM should work out the details of your contacts. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Confidence Artist. When you’re hacking into a computer system, running a con, picking a pocket, fooling or tricking a dupe, sneaking something by a guard, and so on, you treat the task as if it were one level lower. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Confuse Enemy (4 Intellect points). Through a clever bit of misdirection involving a ourish of your coat, ducking at just the right moment, or a similar stratagem, you can attempt to redirect a physical melee attack that would otherwise hit you. When you do, the misdirected attack hits another creature you choose within immediate range of both you and the attacking foe. This ability is a difficulty 2 Intellect task. Enabler.

Tier 5:

Work the Friendship (4 Intellect points). You know just what to say to draw a little extra effort from an ally. This grants one creature you choose within short range an additional, immediate action, which it can take out of turn. The creature uses the action you give it however it wishes. Action.

Tier 6:

Call in Favor (4 Intellect points). A guard, doctor, technician, or hired thug in the employ of or allied with a foe is secretly your ally or owes you a favor. When you call in the favor, the target does what he can to help you out of a specific fix (unties you, slips you a knife, leaves a cell door unlocked) in a way that minimizes his risk of revealing his divided loyalties to his employer or other allies. This ability is a di culty 3 Intellect task. Each additional time you use this ability, the di culty increases by one step. The difficulty returns to 3 after you rest for ten hours. Action.

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Works the System

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