Character Creation


Step 1: Choose a race from the list below— but decide carefully, as each race comes with its own benefits and weaknesses.

Darkstalker levels

Step 2: Select abilities and skills from the First Tier: Darkstalker page— these are the traits your character will possess as they enter the non-human detective work force. As your character gains experience and Tiers, their abilities and skills will also evolve. Will your Darkstalker be a hitter, a tech, a tracker, or a combination of all three? Choose wisely.

First Tier
Second Tier
Third Tier
Fourth Tier
Fifth Tier
Sixth Tier


Step 3: Designate a foci from the list below. (Note: Some foci require you be a certain race.)

Caws at the MoonWerewolf
Conducts Weird Science
Crafts Unique Objects
Defends the EarthWitch
Embodies YinVampire
Embodies YangVampire
Hunts with the PackWerewolf
Is Licensed to Carry
Looks for Trouble
Masters PotionsWitch
Masters Weaponry
Solves Mysteries
Throws With Deadly Accuracy
Tracks with great skill
Used to be Human- Vampire
Wears a CollarWerewolf
Weave the VeilWitch
Wields Two Weapons at Once
Works the Back Alleys
Wore a Badge

Character Creation

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