Hound is a term used to describe a wolf that lives with or in service to vampires while often being used as a slur or insult by wolves. Vampires have kept wolves (sometimes entire packs) for centuries.

The business of breeding and raising wolves is common in vampire society, largely due to the House Hasad, which has cornered the market on Hound breeding and trafficking.

The Hound/Owner relationship can vary wildly and usually depends on the vampires’ perception of wolves. For comparison, consider the varies human/dog relationships.
Hounds are kept for many reasons:

  • Companionship
  • Protection
  • Sport
  • Labor
  • Etc.

Generations of breeding have led to the evolution of unique physical traits within Hounds. Reddish and reddish brown hair (in humanoid and wolf form), while rare in most wolves, are fairly common characteristics in Hounds. Uncommon coat/fur patterns (such as striped, spotted, or speckled fur) are unheard of outside of vampire society, thus are highly prized and sought after by breeders. Hounds bred for fighting and security tend to be slightly larger (4-5 feet at shoulder).

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