A vampire House is a collection of vampire families held together by common traits or interest. Vampires are linked to a house by two things: blood and industry. Each House dominates a specific role, trade, practice, craft or industry within vampire society. This division of responsibility and power is integral to the success of vampire society and to the very survival of vampires in the human world. The finance and influence of Main Houses are so tied up with that of the human world that, in the absence of these Houses, the human world would most likely fall into a Global Great Depression.

Houses are organized in a manner similar to trade unions, professional associations, criminal cartels, or secret societies, with each house having a unique culture and set of rituals to differentiate themselves from vampire cultures as a whole. For example, although all vampires celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, only those of certain Houses celebrate or acknowledge the day of his birth.

Every House has a seat of power, a physical location where vampire reign is absolute and their word is law. These locations reflect the ideals and ‘sin’ of each house. Most are known, while some are a closely guarded secret. Some have stood for centuries, while others for mere decades. Most are a testament of the House’s power and importance while others regularly relocate to avoid destruction or recrimination from the non-vampire world.

The 7 main Houses

Though the branches stretch and mix in various ways, at its heart there exist only 7 Vampire Houses, with each dominating a different facet of Vampire Society.

House Kabria
House Khial
House Hasad
House Nahm
House Shahwa
House Jashae
House Kasal

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