House Kabria

“I will always be watching you from the shadows.” – Mother Superior of House Kabria

House Sin: Pride
House Color: Violet
Seat of Power: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
House Leader: Mother Superior, Lady Gorgana.

House Kabria specializes in upholding the laws of vampire society. They are ever watchful from the shadows, assuring that all Children of the Night stay the course of order and balance. Any who stray from the path are dealt with quickly and silently.

Kabria is also the main house upholders of vampire spirituality, constructing massive churches and cathedrals in every major vampire city. Though they appear to operate like a legitimate theocracy, many house leaders have known (or suspected) the truth: Kabria House leaders prefer to rule with subtle devotion rather than outright force.

Sisters: All female order, extremely skilled in the art of Glamouring. They act as the House’s negotiators and interrogators. It is known throughout the vampire world that there are few things more deadly than the Sisters’ Stare.

Priest: All male order “peace keepers”, spies, assassins, and secret police. They are known for their extreme speed, stealth, and skill with swords and bladed weapons.

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House Kabria

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