House Kasal

“What a bother…”

House Sin: Sloth
House Color: Grey
Seat of Power: Unknown
House Leader: Shadow Collective

House Kasal has no trade or professional specialty; instead they are most notable for having the largest House with the largest population. Members of this House are the most agreeable and of all vampire Houses and possess a very Taoist mentality. Though they don’t dominate any one profession in vampire society, they are usually found working in or with every House.

Unlike the other Houses, Kasal is a House made up entirely by Born Again vampires. The House itself is less of a family organization and more of an advocacy group built to protect the interest of Born Again vampires operating in other Houses. In fact, the group was originally established as a response to centuries of discrimination and mistreatment at the hands of Pure-bloods.

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House Kasal

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