Pack Status

Alpha.png Alphas
The Alpha Caste are the community leaders, generals, and specialists, usually responsible for the pack’s well being; if the pack is failing in any way, the Alphas are held accountable.
Failure typically means the loss of Alpha status (bump down to Beta or Omega), though other consequences may include detainment or, in exceptional cases, death. Ex. French revolution.

Beta Caste are the workers, labors, soldiers, and respected backbones of pack society, responsible for providing, producing, and protecting the pack. Betas typically make up the bulk of a pack population and mobility for Betas between the classes is feasible, usually depending on the pack’s need and individual skill & ability.

Omega.pngOmegas are the performers, entertainers, and artists of the pack. They are responsible for uplifting and inspiring the pack through the arts. While they typically have no political power within the pack, they are respected and valued by all. Omegas are the smallest population in a pack

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Pack Status

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