Intelligent and cunning, terrors prefer to set traps and lures rather than hunting humans.

The more intelligent “cousins” of horrors, terrors have been documented possessing humans for the purpose of camouflage rather than as protection. Taking a human host allows them to travel, interact, and feed in our world without fear of drawing attention to themselves. Unlike Warlocks, possessed people do give off a slight demonic aura even when they abstain from using their powers due, in part, to the imperfect nature of demonic possession.

While Pact bonding with a human host takes longer and requires more manipulation on the demon’s part, it also results in a permanent bond between the demon and host, as demonic possessions are primarily a battle of wills between the demon and potential host. This resistance results in a imperfect bond which can be severed with enough force, enough willpower, or a cleansing ritual preformed by a circle of Witches.

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