Witches see themselves as the Earth’s antibodies, protecting the planet against extraterrestrial threats. Your ability to manipulate the elements are a gift from Gaia herself and you’ve been trained to use those gifts in her defense at all costs.

Warden of Winter: Term used to describe witches who choose to focus on Air and Water magic; those that follow this path are granted powerful abilities associated with their elements.

Flight: By manipulating the Mana in the air around them, Winter Knights are able to hover and fly over great distances.

Healing: By using Water Magic to manipulate the Mana within living objects, Winter Knights are able to induce and accelerate an organism’s natural healing. Powerful healers have been known to reattach limbs, cure paralysis, and even stave off death.

Storm and Weather Control:
Combining Air and Water magic results in an ability to affect the world on a larger scale; as such, storms called by a Winter Knight are generally more focused than naturally occurring weather patterns and allow for fog to be thicker, rain and hail to fall harder, or lightning to strike the same spot with greater accuracy.

Warden of Summer: A term used to describe Witches that choose to focus on Fire and Earth magic. Those that follow this path are granted powerful abilities associated with their elements
Evocation or “calling a totem” is a specialized form of Fire Magic that involves manipulating the particles of the flame in order to turn the fire into a solid mass. The Evocation usually takes the form of a semi sentient animal or creature significant to the Witch, sometimes referred to as a ‘totem’.

An advanced technique involves integrating other elements into the creation of a totem— usually earth— to form a sturdier, more physical structure. This is a common practice for Summer Knights, witches that exclusively practice Earth and Fire magic.

Earth manipulation: A common ability among Summer Knights is temporarily bonding stone and earth to themselves to form armor or a protective shell, the strength of which varies depending on the skill and power of the Knight. Along with Earthen Armor, many Summer Knights have been known to cause and control earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


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