Witches as playable characters.

Physical Appearance
Witches are humans and, as such, appear in a range of sizes, races, complexions and genders. Their ability to manipulate the world around them by controlling the Mana in the immediate area is the only thing that sets them apart from other humans.

Witches perform magic by manipulating Mana— the life energy found in all things— in a practice that is sometimes referred to as “witchcraft.” Witchcraft has three main branches of focus:

The first, and most common, branch of witchcraft is elemental magic, composed of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air magic. Every witch starts with talent in one element; as their power, skill, and connection to Gaia grow, they develop talent in additional elements. Witches proficient in all four elements are commonly known as Hedge Witches while those who choose to master complementary elements for combat purposes are called Wardens

The second branch of witchcraft is potion crafting. This form of witchcraft involves manipulating Mana in the ingredients of a mixture/solution to create an unnatural result. Potion ingredients, preparations, and methods of consumption vary depending on the purpose, with one exception— the Witch’s Blood. Every potion starts with at least one drop of the potion maker’s blood to serve as a catalyst.
Masters Potions

The third branch of witchcraft focuses on maintaining and manipulating the Veil between worlds. Many witches learn the basics of Veil maintenance (weaving) from their Oma, but a chosen few, with enough natural talent and drive, are capable of manipulating the very fabric of the barrier. These witches learn how to see beyond time and space, bend and manipulate the weave to fold space and create pocket dimensions or reality bubbles, travel along Ley lines, and even open portals to other realities and dimensions, though such travel is very dangerous and forbidden to all but the most skilled in the craft.
Weave the Veil

Gaia Connection
All witches are connected to Gaia; with practice and meditation, this link to the Earth can be deepened. This connection links them to their surrounding ecosystems, availing them to information and knowledge of local flora, fauna, weather, and natural disasters. This interconnectedness to Gaia allows witches to utilize this same method of communication for low-level telepathy between themselves, allowing them to impart and infer ideas and knowledge in the form of flashing images and emotions.

As a witch’s skill in performing magic relies on their ability to use their hands, one of the most debilitating weaknesses comes in the form of handbinding. Aside from this magic-related flaw, witches are also prone to the same weaknesses which plague humans, namely lack of strength or vulnerability to bodily harm.

Many witches believe that Gaia (the spirit of the Earth) originally created witches in response to the introduction of invasive extra-dimensional beings. Due to this belief, most witches see themselves as Gaia’s antibodies: defending and protecting the planet from harm, both alien and native in origin. They typically seek to destroy or instantly distrust entities form other worlds or dimensions.

Sex & Reproduction
All witches are infertile/sterile. A common saying among witches is, “The ability to produce life was exchanged for the ability to manipulate life.” The Oma/Student relationship between witches is often seen as a surrogate parent/child relationship.

Notable or famous Witches

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